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When sp*cs f*ck with Asians = the outcome

Oriental Troops Gang Visalia Ca.

From the Visalia Times

A rundown of Oriental Troops crimes:

Members of the Oriental Troops, one of Visalia's five Asian gangs, are believed to have been involved in some of the city's highest-profile crimes in recent years.

April 30, 2005 — David Garcia Jr., 15, a ninth-grader at La Sierra Military Academy, walks out of his home on Church Street near N.E. First Avenue to make a phone call. He is shot and killed, police say, by an Oriental Troops member.

May 8, 2006 — Natividad "Natalie" Viscarra, a 21-year-old mother of two, is fatally gunned down in a drive-by shooting outsider her family's home in the 900 block of North Turner Street in north Visalia.

Prosecutors say John Saesee, a known Oriental Troops member, had an argument with a teenage girl who made a derogatory remark about the gang. They say he came back with fellow gang member Raen See and shot Viscarra, who happened to be outside.

Oct. 6, 2006 — Robert Trevino, 16, is playing football on the street outside his family's apartment in the 300 block of N.E. First Avenue. Five Asian males, faces covered, approach Trevino, the father of an infant girl. One pulls out a gun and shoots him in the head, killing him. Police arrest a suspected Oriental Troops member.

Asians will make you sp*cs feel at home. Big ups to All Asian gangs in the struggle against racist beaners. Big ups to Oriental Troops

Them Mexicans Be Racist AF
BUT In The Same Category As

i never hated a race in my life. just homosexuals that try to come near me. other than that. i f*cks wit asians. bruce lee is one of the men i respect the most next to mohammad ali. i don't really respect spanish people either. they're very racist and judgemental. i only fought one asian dude on the train and i knocked homes out with his had in front of a train but it's because he popped off on my mans. dude came off mad rude on the 6 train... we washed him up. he snuffed my homie and the train doors closed. them shits open right back up and we rode out on him. i later beat the sh*t out my homie wit brass knuckles for stealin from me. he was spanish.

wetbacks are scared of asians especially of the cambodians and samoans


asians are with the business mexicans dont get it

I remember going to a house party in Redlands. It was a mixed party, a few blacks, a few Asian, mostly Whites, and Hispanics. And a few really dark Indian Pakistani or whatever. All races. I saw 2 big ese's, mean looking foos. I was thinking to myself, i better stay away from these foos. Then, one of the ese's sat down on the sofa, and the other one sat on his lap!! I kid you not. :shrug: Different strokes for different folks, literally.

Aint no one hating at the party, we are all there to chill.

Anyone get along with Middle Eastern people?

Most Middle Eastern people stay out in L.A. and the SFV. For the most part, they generally look Mexican/Hispanic, and are mistaken for such.

Hispanics especially Mexicans respect Armenians because Armenians pay taxes to the Mexican mafia.

But in general, the Middle Eastern people ive had to deal with got fuccen attitudes. Its in their culture. The males, they talk wreckless like they don't give a fucc. They're also very racist.

But that's just my experience with them.

Re: anybody here know about the mongol gang?

The Mongols MC are based in so cal. They a majority Mexican biker gang, with white members. They're racist, and they hate blacks. No different than any other Mexican street gang in cali.

Long Beach race war between Asians/Hispanics in the 90's

The year was 1980. 50,000 Southeast Asians arrived from their war torn countries and were settled in Long Beach. We looked different, dressed different, and didnt know the culture. We were easy target for racist Hispanics, whom tormented young Southeast Asians.

In Long Beach, a milestone event occurred in the mid-1980s, police say, when a Latino student threw a punch at a newly arrived Cambodian immigrant. That punch led to formation of the first local Asian gang, the Tiny Rascal Gang, in 1985.

October 1989 when a carload of TRG gangbangers pulled alongside another filled with Hispanics, most of them East Side Longos near Cherry Avenue and Anaheim Street. The people in the two cars traded insults and rude gestures. Then the Asians pulled guns, opened fire and killed a 16-year-old longo member. Which touched off the race war which at its height was the early to mid 90s.

This war was very well documented with the press telegram, the news, and even the NY times.

On a youtube Asian gang video comment section, A longo(the Mexican gang) discussing the race war on an Asian gang youtube. These comments are from 2007:
the homies lit goldie house up-and killed his role dawg "dimples" that night -my ace stymie loko-from east side longo is in prison for that murder-point is I dont give a fu-k about the gang bull$hit -this $hit is a race war!fu-king nigers and gooks against mexicans in LB and we are outnumbered 5 to 1 and we still manage to come out on top.

east side longeros-aint about gang banging !we are in a racial struggle with asians and aint about neighborhood-fu-k a gang -im a supremacist-a brown supremacist-i wanna drive this $hit into a full blown race war and see who wins-I know itll be us.During the 90s we were so deep-but most the homies went down for slaughtering nigers and asians

Oh by the way as a person who lived thru and was involved in the gang wars between the esl and asian gangs -ill give you guys credit -asian gangs are ruthless-they are the only ones who ever gave us a fight-as far as tit for tat shootings-IN long beach that $hit has died down and alot of younger homies dont understand how fu-king crazy the streets were in the 90s' we are now at war with the black gangs-and its aloy different then beefing with asians-they dont retaliate-
Blacks dont retaliate?: :facepalm:

oh yea surenos know the $hit that has happened in LB,between us and asians -and thats why you gusy are greenlighted-being greenlighted is the fu-king worst -it seems you have 25,ooo people itching to kill you-so they can make their stripes -its a ticket into the hall of fame and alot of fools wanna go balls out cuz they already serving fu-king long sentences so its luck "fu-k it!!"

yea TRG were killers-nobody denies that-I dont know how old you are-but im 27 so I lived thru all that-when it was at its worst every kid i grew up with got into LONGO about 15 kids from my block-almost all went to prison for 187 on asians and blacks-me and one homie are the only ones out the 15 still alive or free.SAD kinda -cuz I aint with it anymore- I go by my hood to say wzup and thats about it.BUt yea alot of people lost their lives-people who didnt need to

the reason the racial tension has calmed down in LB is becuz the cops came down hard on ESL like i said 90% of my varrio is locked up-in the 90s you would stroll thru just about anywere in LB and see us-slanging rocks on the corner -pimping niger ho*s and white b!tches on PCH and fcuking controlling entire neighborhoods-those days are gone proably forever. The reason they came down on us was cuz we just went fu-king krazy and started killing nigers and nips daily-

man i got to give it t that response made alot of sense-look man im telling you i am from lb and KNOW asians firsthand-I KNOW THEY ARE KILLERS-i have never said otherwise-but I still dont like the fact they bite and fake acting black[/b][/size]

look homeboy imma tell you from experience that BLACKS do not have asians backs -in the pen-they are not united-they dont even have their own backs-if we were in prison i could attack a niger and the other blacks wouldnt even help him out.the reason mexicans are strong is becuz we are very united.

I dont condone the way these young Asians lived, but living in Long Beach in the 80s and 90s, you had to tuffen up, and let those Mexicans know you werent about to be pushed around anymore.

If you know anything about the war that went on in Long Beach, according to the Long Beach police, Asians in 1990 were the first to take gang wars to a whole new level by using high powered assault rifles on their Hispanic enemies. I dont know how true that is on the streets.

I remember reading an article from the long beach newspaper from the early 90s discussing the ongoing war at the time, and the longo they were intervewing said, "they were shooting at us with AK-47's and it was on" :facepalm:

Kill 2 birds with one stone, or in our case two longos with 1 bullet. Contrary to what the article says, both were from longo. I know one of the homies whom went to school with the girl in the article that got killed, and after the murder, he overheard the mexicans at school talking bout they were looking for any Asian just so they could kill them. LoL, that dude that got killed was a b*tch. Word on the street was that, when roger saw the shooter (Azn Boyz), he turn and pushed in girlfriend in the way.

Slain Teenagers Had No Gang Ties, Police Say

November 14, 1998

LONG BEACH — Police said Friday that detectives have no reason to believe that a teenage couple who were killed in north Long Beach this week had any connections to gangs.

Sweethearts Jessica Cotto, 15, and Roger Hernandez, 17, were killed by a single bullet Tuesday evening. The bullet tore through Hernandez's back and pierced Cotto's chest, according to neighbors and family.
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Authorities said the couple were either hugging or that Hernandez was trying to shield his girlfriend when the killer shot them.

Police initially said they were investigating the possibility that the shooting was gang-related, but a spokesman said Friday that they had no records indicating that either victim had ties to gangs. He said police have no new leads on who killed the couple.

Damn here we go again, Mexican talking that they killed more and vice versa. If you aren't from long beach don't post sh*t. You don't know what goes on there. A lot of Mexicans in long beach get smoked by blacks and asians and you never hear about it. Everything in long beach is tit for tat. An Asian gets killed by a mexican and 3 days later a mexican will get smoked by an Asian. That's how it is.

Almost a year ago, a Mexican got shanked in jail by a Samoan. They told all the Mexicans on the streets to killed a Samoan. a Tongan got killed in LB (Mexican can't tell the difference). Tongan dudes name was Lee kinikini. He wasn't a banger he was man. 2 days later a Mexican got shot and killed in am alleyway. He was a banger and was tatted all the way all.

TRG and Asian Boys as well as suicidals haven't lost members to longos in years.

I heard about them 2 Asians getting killed a few years ago. I heard Deebo was from b*tch killerz, or some small unknown Asian gang. Not Asian boyz.

It dont matter, cuz even if he was from Asian boyz, in retaliation, they shot and killed a mexican in front of his catholic church! I remember reading the article on the press telegram. It was as a gangster mexican. It dont matter if he was from longo or not, because Mexican gangs dont discriminate when it comes to shooting Asians, wether its Asian Boyz or raskal, and its the same with Asians, we dont discriminate in long beach, a Mexican banger is a dead banger.

And a few weeks after that, a dude from BP barrio probe, probe barrio? Got smoked on the east side by an Asian Boyz.

Like I posted, everything goes tit for tat in long beach. Kill a Samoan a Samoan will kill one of you, kill an Asian, and an Asian will kill one of you, thats how it is in long beach.

A longo got shot and killed at the cherry apartments by abz, and one was also shot to death at rite aid exactly 5 years ago.

my bad 6 years ago I forgot it was 2012

I remember that longo getting killed in front of the apt complex, it was at night, one shot to the head, he was standing in front of his apt complex. Dude was 18 years old, and if wasn't from longo he was from a click of longo. I heard it was an Asian that did it, but didnt know the gang and didnt care. Word in the apt complex was that the mexican dude was no good. His family was saying he was an angel of course. People on the street said he was always running up on people talking sh*t. Good job on that one.

That Cambodian kid Mao Eng that got smoked by some Hispanics. A couple days later, guess who got killed? They said a jr member of longo got smoked: ... balderama/

Brian Balderama

Brian Balderama, a 15-year-old Latino, was shot and killed Sunday, June 27, in the 1400 block of Gaviota Avenue in Long Beach, according to Los Angeles County coroner's records.

Police responded to a report of a shooting about 6:25 a.m. and found Brian suffering from several gunshot wounds to the torso, according to a Long Beach Police news release.

Paramedics were called and Brian was taken to a local hospital, where he died three hours later, according to coroner's records.

Ed Winter, spokesman for the coroner's office, said Brian was at a friend's house when he was shot.

The motive for the shooting remains unknown; however, the incident is being investigated as possibly gang-related.

Anyone with information about the death of Brain Balderama is asked to contact Long Beach Police Department Homicide detectives Patrick O'Dowd and Terri Hubert at (562) 570-7244.

Mexicans are by far the most racist people on the planet. Or at least in L.A.

It was good to see the Blacks and Asians in Long Beach form an alliance to combat Mexican racism.

Its only logical, Asians aint holding down anything in the pen cuz theres hardly any of us there to begin with! Thats one thing I dont like to brag about, about my people committing crimes, only towards those whom messed with us thats about it. My people arent locked up in large numbers, my people are on the outside making the world go round.

With that said though, I feel sorry for the older Asians whom do get locked up. I have a distant relative in his 40's whom got locked up, and got beat up by a mexican, and 2 black guys jumped in and saved his a$$. mexicans always fucking with people they shouldnt be fucking with.

first u are retarded mexicans never did it for 120 years stop living in ur fantasy world there were very little mexicans in california 120 years ago and they were always getting killed, beat up, and robbed by black gangs all those times it was mainly blacks till the 80s when mexicans started moving to america in hordes after that mexicans started copying black gangs that have been there for a long time already and finally gathered up the balls to fight back since they had a bigger population but even then all of californias ghettos and projects were still known as black hoods and not mexican and still is known as black hoods around the world

and second how is that tattoo style mexican? and how the f*ck did mexicans ever invent tattoos? lmao are u really that dumb? its in roman letters when did mexicans invent roman letters? never.... the spanish came over and forced ur ancestors to learn their sh*t u never created it if anything its a european tattoo style and samoans and other asian tribes have been doing tattoos (which the word tattoo came from tatu which is a samoan word that means body ink) for centuries so if anything u are copying them

and third triads and yakuzas have been here since the 1700s and triads can be traced even further back so learn ur sh*t before u talk sh*t and triads were also the first to do handsigns so i suggest u mexicans stop copying european roman letters (whites) and stop doing tattoos (asians) and stop using handsigns (asians) and stop trying to rap, dress like blacks, using ebonics (blacks) so if anything mexicans are the confused ones

Since when was tattoos a Mexican thing? People have been tattooing their bodies for thousands of years. Look at Samoans.

FUCKKK YOUUU NIGGGAAAAAAAAAAA,,, n*gga we wake and baking right NOW. why dont u stroll your a$$ through the beach, we always outside afternoon +

aint nobody care what you think about what asians copied. n*gga we jacked that sh*t and what is you going to do about it? All the n*ggas in the LBC embrace us. But knowing you, the ho*, the hater... you know how it goes.. you can tell the story,.

We didnt get put on green light for nothing MY n*gga. Good lookin out to all the black homies who supported us in the county jail when the mexicans was hating kuz too many of their n*ggas was getting dropped in the LBC

hahahahahahahahaha wetbacks from the valley. Aint sh*t going on out there. The homies from Van nuys asian boyz already served u n*ggas. I dont think you want to remember what happened to Vallerio St. Wiped that whole hood out in one night. Every n*gga fromm the 818 knows about that story. Better ask your big gorditos There aint sh*t pooppn there anymore but porn stars and paisas.

and to the other n*gga. lol the other n*gga who posted. u make me laugh. you the type of n*gga that would try to explain himself, explain the black and brown struggle, before them n*ggas went NK on your a$$. Be realistic my n*gga, youza b*tch


CHOLO sh*t is hella overrated . everytime i see a cholo i just look at him in disgust. They are so out of place nowofdays. And that i knoww huhh serio pedo aye talk is getting hella lame. Get the d*ck out of your throat and talk normal HAHAHAHAHAHA :lmao: :shoot: :lmao: :shoot: :lmao: :shoot: :lmao: :shoot:

LOL Mexicans aint sh*t. Ive been to the LA county medium north next to the old man dorms, and i persoanlly seen mexicans who were scared straight when these asian n*ggas started strip searching these nigggas and they found a 13 tattoo and beat they a$$. cops set em up though kuz it was an all asian black paiza dorm and they thrrew a few eses in there on purpose, dam well knowing the asians were gonna push the line on em. there aint no more asian dorm no more i heard, but like i said, these sur rats were scared straight. only act tuff when they deep. sorry a$$ sur rats

wet backs only act tuff when they got more than half the n*ggas with em, they run scared when its 50/50.

and another thing. that cholo sh*t is hella played out nowofdays. while the black lifestyle flourishes and everybody wana be like us... the mexicans... with that gay a$$ tone like they got a d*ck in they throat, baggy a$$ clothes that make em look dirty. lol in LA eses dont get no respect, not even from the regular people out there. Real talk, eses is just dirty and ugly. The north siders got way more swagg tthan these not talented a$$ sur ratsss. REAL TALK, im already betting that in a few years mexican mafia gonna go out of business kuz nobody wana act like a cholo no more, not even the new youngnz. the lifestyle is just wack. sur rats already got their chance with they lifestyle on POWER 106 , with mr capone e and all that bs they were playing back in the days. and what happened? the public rejected your a$$ kuz a cholos lifestyle is fucking LAMEEEEE hahahaha die slow talentedless beaners.

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