Asian disses to Filipinos.

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Asian disses to Filipinos.

Post by MACKIN_MOBSTAH » Thu Nov 16, 2017 3:13 am

Vietnamese disses to Pinoys.

I seen a pinoy get put into the same module with Eses because the guards thought the pinoy was Mexican because of his Spanish last name, then the pinoy got laid out by them eses.

Satanas are them pussy ass pinoys that get punked by Mexicans.

The only down G's in Temple street were the Mexicans, Filipinos are all a bunch of pussies.

Filipinos were raped by the Spanish and now they're confused


Chinese disses to Filipinos.

USA don't give a shit about the Philippines, American GI's used to sport fuck and fuck n chuck Filipina women.

Short ass confused buk buk faggots don't even know what race they are.

Only them sorry ass Spanish could of invaded something weak like the Philippines, the Spaniards couldn't touch Asia.


Laotian disses to Pinoys.

No one gives a rat's ass about them flat nosed, monkey faced, wannabe white, all talk in the internet but ain't shit on the streets pussy ass buk buks. You monkey ass Filipinos aren't white.

Filipinos are wannabe everything except Filipino.

Filipinos are all a bunch of posers and wannabes.

No one respects Filipinos, you buk buks have Spanish last names.


Cambodian disses to Pinoys.

How the fuck are you flip-flops going the be gangsters with your nice cars and nice houses, fake ass bitches.

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